A Big Bad Secret!
ABBS - Ramona meets Cerise
Released 7th October 2016
Chapter Four
Episode 9
Running Time 03:05
Previous There's No Business Like Snow Business

A Big Bad Secret! is the ninth webisode in the Chapter 4 webisodes selection.


Ramona Badwolf returns to Ever After High after a mysterious absence only to find herself locked in a battle with Cerise Hood over a deep dark secret from their past.


Male Narrator: Looks like Ever After High is in for a stormy afternoon.

Female Narrator: As a new student- well, an old student, returns to the school.

Lizzie Hearts: I heard she has actual wolf claws.

Faybelle Thorn: I heard she howls at the moon.

Raven Queen: Poor Cerise.

Apple White: It is their destiny to be enemies.

Cerise Hood: What's, uh, so exciting.

Ramona Badwolf: Me.

Madeline Hatter: It's Ramona Badwolf!

Ramona Badwolf: Hello, Cerise.

Cerise Hood: I thought I smelled wet dog.

Ramona Badwolf: Oh please, Hood. You couldn't find your way out of a paper bag.

Badwolf: What's this lollygagging? Move along, or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow you in class! Now you girls really need to-

Ramona Badwolf: Talk to the paw, Dad.

Badwolf: *growls*

Blondie Lockes: Miss Hood, are the rumors true that it was your fault that Ramona Badwolf was sent away to the dark forest reform school?

Cerise Hood: I- No comment.

Coach Gingerbread Man: Ramona! To the headmaster's office.

Ramona Badwolf: I'll see you after school.

Blondie Lockes: You heard it here first! Come see the Hood verses Badwolf battle after school.

Cerise Hood: This is ridiculous. I think we can settle our own problems.

Ramona Badwolf: Agreed. So, you accept my challenge?

Cerise Hood: *annoyed sigh* Fine! Let's settle this right now.

Students: *gasp*

Badwolf: I say no fighting in the halls! Both of you, in my classroom, now!

Cerise Hood and Ramona Badwolf: *in unison* Dad! She started it.

Ramona Badwolf: Did not. Dad, Cerise is taking this under the hood thing too far. Ooh! Mysterious secret! Look at me, I'm a Hood.

Cerise Hood: I'm not doing it for me. You are so mean!

Badwolf: Girls! Muzzle it! You both know how it is.

Ramona Badwolf: Yeah, yeah. If anyone anyone knew Big Bad Wolf was married to Little Red...

Cerise Hood: They'd flip their crowns...

Badwolf: That's right. So until graduation our family must remain secret. Now, let's give your audience a real competition.

Crowd: *cheering*

Ramona Badwolf: You ready for this, sis?

Cerise Hood: Oh, yeah.



A Big Bad Secret! Chapter 4 Ever After High03:18

A Big Bad Secret! Chapter 4 Ever After High

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