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Alistair Wonderland

Alistair Wonderland is an adventurer who wants to explore the entire fairytale world and solve all it's riddles. He loves learning how the world is mapped out and which parts are yet to be discovered.

Bunny Blanc

Bunny Falling With Alistair

Alistair and Bunny have been friends a long time. They were left behind in Wonderland when the portals were closed. Alistair is very protective about Bunny, partly due his crush on her which he thinks is one sided. In Heart Struck they got a rose meaning meant to be together forever and in Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After he gets a kiss from Bunny and finally is sure the crush isn't one sided and they started to date.

Kitty Cheshire

Alistair And Kitty
Alistair and Kitty have been friends for a long time and when Wonderland was evacuated Alistair asked Kitty to help to rescue Lizzie Hearts. He doesn't mind Kitty's pranks but he draws a line when it goes too far.

Madeline Hatter

Raven Queen

Sparrow Hood

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