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Apple White
Apple Whites Card
Daughter of Snow White
Born May 13th
Side Royal
Roommate Raven Queen

Unlike Raven, Apple White is a very confident follower of her destiny, and she encourages everyone to follow theirs as well. Apple believes that with a perfect destiny, she must be perfect as the next Snow White. Although, Apple has to learn of the discomforts of Raven and her friends and that everyone, including herself, has flaws.


Apple White is a kind, cheerful and generous girl and doesn't desires praise (though she does appreciate it). She takes her duties as a future ruler very seriously and uses her time at Ever After High to prepare herself to be the perfect queen. She has always heard praise only for her looks even though she is a very smart girl, so she studies hard and tries to prove everybody that there is more to being Snow White then looks. Ever since early childhood, Apple has dreamed of being Snow White and places the upmost trust in the system of legacies, thus she acts as the leader of the Royals at Ever After High. However, Apple is not without her flaws; she tends to act self-centered, and often fails to understand the feelings of people like Raven and other Rebels who want to write their own destinies. This changed in A Royal Flush, when Apple comes to understand the importance of destiny and choosing your own path in life through her friends Briar Beauty and Raven Queen, as well as the fact that vile people are capable destroying people's lives, (including her own,) through the Storybook of Legends. Apple also has insecurities such as her blonde hair, as the Snow White fairy tale states hair of ebony. Apple feels pressure to show you can be a perfect Snow White with blonde hair.


Like her mother, Apple has blood-red lips and bright blue eyes. However, she doesn't have Snow White's traditional black hair. Apple's hair is blonde and curly, the colour likely comes from her father.


As each Ever After High student has their own fairy tale-represented name, Snow White chose "Apple" as an appropriate name because apples play a large role in her story.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and their stories are based. Apple White's setting is her family home, White Castle. White Castle is a huge, gleaming, many spired palace with large grounds covered in pink blossomed trees. It is a rather modern castle with automatic sliding doors and elevators.


Apple White is the daughter of Snow White and her Prince, now a King. She seems to have a good relationship with both her parents.

In Dragon Games it is shown that her mother is very competitive and expects nothing but perfection from her daughter, no matter the price. She puts lots of pressure on Apple to be the best in every aspect.


Apple is best friends with Briar Beauty and Blondie Lockes who follow her in the Royal and Rebel Conflict. Apple also considers most of the Royals her friends. After Thronecoming she has became better friends with Raven and their relationship has been getting better since.


Apple was thought to marry Daring Charming in her destiny, but Dragon Games proved that Daring wasn't Apple's prince. Nonetheless, the two only view each other as friends. Apple also has many admirers.


Apple got a small white snow fox named Gala on Legacy Year. Apple named Gala after a variety of apple. Her Dragon Games pet/dragon is Braebyrn, a large golden dragon also named after a variety of apple.


With her powers of charming, Apple can literally hypnotize anyone with her looks to do a good deed. She can also summon any good magical creature or regular animal to aid her.

Early Life

As Apple recalled in The Storybook of Legends, when she was a young princess Apple chased a dragonfly and fell into a well, nearly drowning. It took two minutes for her parents, servants and many woodland creatures to come to her rescue. This traumatic experience convinced Apple that living a prewritten fate that would lead her to a Happily Ever After without fail, would be much better than having to face any form of unpredictability.

Class Schedule

  • Art
  • Cooking Class-ic
  • Crownculus
  • Damsel-in-distressing
  • Grimmnastics
  • Home Evilnomics (Temporarily in Class Confusion)
  • Kingdom Management
  • Muse-ic
  • Princessology
  • Science & Sorcery

Color Scheme

Apple's outfit consists of three colors: red, gold and cream. She sometimes adds black.


Apple wears a dress with a red sweetheart bodice with black trim and a red skirt section with gold apple and vine patterns and pink peplums with white floral details and black frills. She also wears a cream, cropped jacket with ball gown sleeves and a high collar. Apple wears a gold crown on a red headband with a bow. She has a gold bracelet, a gold bow-shaped ring and gold apple-shaped earrings. She carries a red hand bag that looks like an apple and the bag has a gold bead handle. She also wears black net tights (grey in cartoon) and red high heeled shoes that look like apples with gold bow buckles.

Outfit:Legacy Day

Apple wears a large majestic cape with dirty golden polka dots on it. The cape is tied with her outfit with two large red bows on each side of her sleeve. On the curves of her cape, red ribbon patterns can be seen. Her cape's sides are tied together with white beads. She wears a pendant-pin with a red gem inside. Apple wears a black, red and white top. She has yellow Victorian patterns in the middle part of her dress. Apple has small circle patterns rising under the top part of her skirt. The bottom part of her skirt is brown and glittery. Just above her shoes, the last part of her dress is colored red. The edges rise up to her knees. Her heels have two red bows at the back, with white beads in the front. Her heels are white and have yellow borders. Apple accessorizes with a small crown that holds onto a bump on her hair.

Outfit:Getting Fairest

Apple wears a red nighty and pink night gown. The red nighty has a quilted pattern and a black bow at the collar. Apple’s pink night gown has a frilly trim. She also wears white high heeled slippers with red bows on the toes.


Apple wears a four layer snow fox-inspired dress with red bottom overlayed with a glittering chiffon sheer, overlayed with a fox-filigree golden brocade with rounded edges open in front, overlayed with a sheer metallic print with same rounded edges and shorter hem than other layers with black bows. Her bodice is white and complimented with a faux snow fox shrug. She has big, red collar that goes down to her golden belt from which drops two strings of pearls. She has long pearl gloves with red bows on top and has red flower bouquet around her left arm. She has pearl snow fox tail shaped handbag with gold lock and red bow. Her mask is black and golden snow fox mask. She has big golden bow earrings.

Outfit:Hat-Tastic Party

Apple wears a black and white-frilled shirt with pink puffy sleeves. Her sleeves have white crystals on them. Apple wears black gloves with red bow ties. She wears a white skirt with pastel pink and she has scarlet red stamp edges with turquoise tea cups inside. Black lace can be found on the edge of her skirt. Apple accessorizes with a white bead necklace and a scarlet bow tie.


  • Apple is deemed fairest of them all.
  • Apple cannot resist apples (her favorite food) and loses control when she sees one.
  • The contents of Apple's purse are her hextbook, MirrorPhone, crownglasses, tube of lipstick and an apple.
  • Apple is aware of a small weakness of hers that she is determined to mend, not being able to find anything comforting to say.
  • Apple believes that there is almost nothing that a few encouraging words and a warm smile couldn't fix.
  • She is President of the Royal Student Council and later has a co-president, Madeline Hatter.
  • Apple is a fan of the band One Reflection.
  • Apple needs glasses and should use them, but she almost never does as she sees them as an imperfection. She hides them in their case in her dorm room.
  • Apple's box says her favorite class is Kingdom Management but in Class Confusion she says Princessology is her favorite.
  • In the film 13 Wishes, Apple White's apple can be seen in the attic of the Monster High School.
  • Apple believes that following your destiny will automatically give you a good fate. She later learns that sometimes destiny is not the best.


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