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Apple White

Apple White is a kind, cheerful and generous girl and desires praise. She can be a little self centered sometimes, but she takes her duties as a future ruler very seriously and is using her time at Ever After High to prepare herself to be the perfect queen. Ever since early childhood, Apple has dreamed of being Snow White and places the most trust in the system of legacies.

Ashlynn Ella

Apple dismayed

To Apple's dismay, she finds her friend dating someone on the Rebel side.

Apple and Ashlynn are friends, however Apple discovers that Ashlynn has been secretly dating a Rebel, which she disapproves of. Apple was once dismayed by Ashlynn's strange behavior when she seemed upset over something, however Ashlynn dodged the question from Apple, with it being "boy trouble". Apple disapproves over Hunter and Ashlynn but soon learned that she deeply cares for her friend, no matter what.

I might be worried about you, and I might think you're doing the wrong thing, but I want you to know that we'll always be friends. No matter what. That's what's in my true heart.
―Apple reassuring Ashlynn.

Blondie Lockes

Blondie Apple and Daring

Blondie shyly interviews Apple and Daring.

Despite Blondie being constantly busy with her MirrorCast Show "Just Right", Apple White and Blondie both spend an amount of time together. Blondie is also well aware of Apple's story, and is still curious for juicy gossip about her relationship with Daring Charming. Apple concludes the soon-to-be relationship as "just friends" for now, as they have "forever-after to be together".

Ugh, Blondie, Daring and I are still not a couple - this is high school! We've got forever after to be together...
―Apple to Blondie.

Briar Beauty


Briar and Apple hang out.

Briar and Apple are two admired students in Ever After High, and together they are the two Royal BFFAs. Briar shows great loyalty and devotion to Apple, however Apple plans to be more of an individual are shown in "Apple's Tale: The Story of a Royal" when Apple urges Briar to hide and make sure that Raven Queen does not know that Briar helped in designing Raven's side of their dorm.

Briar can be seen studying, partying and helping Apple out most of the time as she would never leave her side. Whenever the perfect duo get in trouble, Briar would make it up to Apple, as proven in her diary. Briar supports Apple by following her in the Royal/Rebel conflict. Also, shown in "Apple's Birthday Bake-Off", Briar desires the recognition from her friend but ultimately, just wants Apple to be happy. However in Thronecoming, the two has a strined relationship, due to Briar no interested into following her destiny but thier friendship was restoring after Briar Save Apple from her story.

Hmm, and come on - no one would post anything bad about you, everybody loves you!
―Briar to Apple.

Daring Charming

The power couple

Daring and Apple eagerly seal their fate.

Although the two don't have a solid relationship yet like they would have in their story, Apple and Daring are mostly seen around the school as close friends, despite the fact that they're both heartthrobs. Blondie describes the two as the perfect couple and Daring also seems willing enough to defend Apple as offers lots of support to her as well.

First of all, everyone knows Daring and I are just friends.
―Apple and Daring.

Raven Queen

Apples birthday bake off

Raven kindly decides to bake Apple a delicious cake on her birthday.

Although the two are currently frenemies and are soon-to-be nemeses', Headmaster Grimm trusts Apple to keep an eye on Raven in case she's planning to change her destiny, which could rupture Ever After High. However, Raven is thinking otherwise and as proven on Legacy Day, Raven didn't disappear which leaves Apple confused. Raven constantly wants a comprimise with Apple, but along with the Royals, Apple disagrees and believes they are still meant to be enemies. Raven's personality makes it harder, as Raven treats Apple like a friend. In "Apple's Birthday Bake-Off", Raven decides to bake Apple a cake made with Apple's favorite things without poison, which puzzles Apple. In "Way Too Wonderland" She admits that Raven's heart is too good for Evil, and should be free to write her own destiny.

You wouldn't be the daughter of the Evil Queen if you didn't try to poison me!
―Apple to Raven.

Cedar Wood

The Pagent - The Beautiful Truth

Apple and Cedar

Cedar and Apple are seen as friends, as seen in "The Beautiful Truth", Cedar adores the idea of being a beautiful, empowered girl, however the Royals think otherwise as they believe beauty is counted on appearance and grace. Cedar shows Apple what the true meaning of beauty is about, being an intelligent and kind person as well.

You mean, like, change the debate? Make it about being awesome, empowered girls?
Isn't that where real beauty comes from?
―Apple's decision to Cedar.

Duchess Swan

Duchess upset

Duchess upset over the attention Apple gets.

Duchess really envies the attention and praise Apple gets, and also adding in she has the best reputation and story in the school. Most importantly, Apple also has Daring, whom Duchess has a huge crush on. This rivalry is only one-sided, as Apple appears to be quite oblivious to Duchess' hate in the series. In the diaries however, Apple reveals that Duchess has been spreading lies about her by slipping a love potion in Daring's lunch. Duchess is constantly competing against Apple, from student council president nominee to the attention of Daring.

Oh my wand, Apple, stop trying to brainwish the poor girl into thinking you rule.
―Duchess troubling Apple and Holly.

Madeline Hatter

Madeline vs Apple

Madeline hastily decides to run against Apple for president.

As the former debate opponent of the fairest of them all, Madeline is a free-thinker, as shown in "Maddie-in-Chief" where both of them reach an agreement on both of them being the student council presidents. At first, Madeline hastily decides to run against Apple in order for the Rebels to get their fair share as well. The two are seen as friends now.

I'll do it! I will run against Apple for president!
―Maddie's hasty

Snow White

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