WTW Apple Card

If I want to graduate from Wonderland High, I've got to figure out what class I need to take... but the clues in Riddlish! Okay, Apple, you can do this...

Speak when you peak, you want this when you word, though it's not nearly as strong as that, so I've heard. Right is wrong, and that's seeing precise, when ice is the same as mice, rice and dice.

Let's see... The difference between speak and peak is the "s". If it's saying "peak" is like "word", then I add the "s", and "speak must be like "sword"? But what's a sword not as strong as? There's a saying: "The pen is mightier than the sword". The first clue is "the pen"?

In the second part, "right" is only wrong when I look at the word precisely. But when I hear it, it sounds like "write", which is what you do with "pen"! The only thing that ice, rice, mice and dice have in common is they rhyme... Which is what happens in a poem! The answer must be Poetry class! Wow, this Riddlish stuff is mad!

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