Ashlynn's Stepsisters
Ashlynn's Stepsisters
Daughters of the Evil Step-Librarians

Ashlynn's Step-Sisters appear in the webisode Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic where they were invited to watch Ashlynn's fashion show, but instead they took over.


The Stepsisters are rather stuck up and unfriendly.


The first Stepsister has black and purple streaked hair in a low ponytail and purple eyes. She is taller then most students.

The second Stepsister has brown and red streaked hair and pink eyes. She is shorter then most students.


The Stepsister's names are currently not known.


It is unknown where the Stepsister's live.


Their mothers are the Evil Step-Librarians.


Ashlynn's Step-Sisters are obviously friendly with each other but it is not known who else they may be friends with.


It is unknown if either of them are in a relationship with anyone.


It is not known if Ashlynn's Step-Sisters have any pets.


It is not known what powers they have, if any.

Class Schedule

  • Chemythstry
  • Grimmnastics

Colour Scheme

The first Stepsister wears pink, purple and blue.

The second Stepsister wears pink, black and red.


The first Stepsister wears a gold and purple crown, a purple coat, a black shirt, a pink ascot, a lavender designer skirt, black belt with gold, purple peplum, grape purple leggings with black and gold leg warmers, and black heels.

The second Stepsister wears a gold band, earrings, a white dress with a pink bodice with a red and purple sweetheart top, patterned skirt, gold jewelry, fuchsia stockings, and furry, purple designer boots with red laces.


  • They might be Royals as they follow their destiny by being mean to Ashlynn.


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