Ashlynn Ella
Ashlynn Ella Royal and Rebel Card
Daughter of Cinderella
Born October 15th
Side Unconfirmed
Roommate Briar Beauty

Ashlynn Ella is a gentle girl with a connection to nature, she cares deeply for the forest and all its creatures. Unlike most future heroines, Ashlynn has an after school job on her mother's insistence that she learns how to work hard. Her part-time job is a clerk at The Glass Slipper shoe store. It is under debate whether Ashlynn is Royal or Rebel. Ashlynn originally sided with the Royals, but possibly became a Rebel to be with her boyfriend Hunter Huntsman, as she herself announced in True Hearts Day Part 3. Yet in Kitty's Curious Tale, the Female Narrator lists Ashlynn as a Royal.


Ashlynn Ella is a kind, pure, hardworking and sensible girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind when she sees that things are wrong. She has a mild addiction for shoes, a trait Apple White implies comes from her mother. Ashlynn barely takes anything for granted. She is in a relationship with Hunter Huntsman, a fellow animal-lover.


Ashlynn has bright green eyes and long, wavy strawberry blonde hair which she wears in a half-up bun on the top of her head.


As each Ever After High student has their own fairytale-represented name, Ashlynn's name is slightly misinterpreted. Ash, having similarities with Cinder from Cinderella's name, is called Ash. Lynn being the extra part of her name, rhyming with "Cin". "Lynn" can also be an individual name but fixed together with "Ash", punning the name of "Ashley" or "Ashlyn".


Ashlynn Ella's setting is her family home, Cinderella Castle. The main part of the castle is made of cream bricks and the roofs have teal tiles. It is located on the top of a high hill, reached by a very long staircase. However, this was changed to an Escalator so Cinderella would never lose a shoe again.


Ashlynn is the daughter of Cinderella and the Prince from the story Cinderella. The Evil Step-Librarians are her aunts and she has two Stepsisters. Cinderella has a "pre-destined early death", meaning that she will be killed somehow after Ashlynn's graduation, when her story starts.


Ashlynn is best friends with Apple White, Blondie Lockes and Briar Beauty, she says in her profile that Hunter is the only person who really understands her. She is friends with Poppy O'Hair and sometimes they grab a hocus latte together. She is often seen sitting with Hunter's best friend Dexter Charming, so they are in good terms also. She seems to be a good friend with Justine Dancer too. 

In Epic Winter Ashlynn says that Crystal Winter is one of her longest best friends, the two have known each other since Spellementary school.


She is dating Hunter Huntsman and loves him dearly. In the "True Hearts Day" special, their once secret romance went public and because Hunter is a Rebel and not part of Ashlynn's destiny, Ashlynn possibly became a Rebel to be with him. But in the episode Thronecoming, she said "I mean I already signed the book. But who knows what's gonna happen to Hunter and me." So, Ashlynn doesn't know if their relationship will last.


She has a phoenix called Sandella that she got on Legacy Year.


Ashlynn, unlike most of the princesses in Ever After, can speak to the animals and communicate with them. Since she's extremely kind to them, they tend to help Ashlynn with her work in the Village of Book End.

Class Schedule

  • Crownculus
  • Damsel-in-distressing Class
  • Dance Class-ic
  • Environmental Magic
  • Princessology
  • Science & Sorcery

Color Scheme

Ashlynn's outfit consists of two colors: coral pink and turquoise.


Ashlynn wears a small pink hairband with a pink bird and pink leaves over her braid hairband. She wears dangling heart-shaped earrings, and dangling on it is a golden glass slipper. She wears a golden necklace. Ashlynn wears a V-shaped top with puffy translucent sleeves. The first pair of puffy sleeves being pink, the others being blue. The V on her top is lined with golden fabric. Underneath, she wears a top which contains flower patterns. She wears two layers of skirt. The top layer being translucent and the bottom matching her top. Ashlynn wears glass slippers with vines coiled around her knees. Ashlynn accessorizes with a small bracelet with golden boots and shoes on it.

Outfit:Legacy Day

Ashlynn's hair in Legacy Day resembles Holly O'Hair's. She wears a Cinderella-themed gown that is pink and turquoise. Small flowers are stitched on her turquoise top. Ashlynn has dark pink puffy sleeves and turquoise layers on the skirt of her gown. She accessorizes with a large bronze crown with bronze leaves on it and a necklace with the same color. She also has a bracelet which resembles bronze shoes and a curling leaf bracelet on her other arm. She carries a camellia pink clutch with bronze leaves on it.

Outfit:Getting Fairest

Ashlynn wears a turquoise and pale pink robe with frilly pale pink edges. Her top contains the same colors but the frilly edges are turquoise. She wears a turquoise hair tie which contain hearts of the same color. The ribbon of her robe is golden and so are the sides of her sleeves.


  • Ashlynn is a vegetarian.
  • Ashlynn was likely given a phoenix because she is the daughter of Cinderella and "Cinders" are associated with "ashes" and fire. This make sense as the phoenix is a fire bird.
  • In the Ever After High Annual 2015, she names Raven Queen as one of her BFFA and says that she and Briar don't always see eye-to-eye. 


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