Black Haired Girl
Black Haired Girl

Black Haired Girl has been a common backgrounder at Ever After High since Ashlynn's Fashion Frolic.

Possible Story

Daughter of Hua Mulan, a legendary woman warrior from the Chinese history, who was originally described in a ballad known as the Ballad of Mulan.


She has long black hair that runs down her back and frames her lean and pointed face. Her dark sepia eyebrows are thicker than most, and the compliment her light brown eyes. Her full lips are a warm peach pink and her cheeks are lightly blushed.


She was seen hanging out with Pixie Cut Haired Girl, Orange Haired Girl, Blue and Gold Girl, Golden Haired Girl, Girl in Yellow and Blue Coat, and Princess Wearing Blue and White. She was also seen with one of the Merry Men.


Like most girls, she is flattered by Daring Charming.


Webisodes seen in


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