Boy With Curly Hair
Curly Haired Boy - THDP3
Suspected Side Royal

Boy with Curly Hair is a common backgrounder at Ever After High. In the Destiny conflict he is a Royal.

Possible Story

He's confirmed as Scottington, the son of Tweedledee, from the nursery rhyme Tweedledum and Tweedledee.


He has brown curly hair on one side of his head and the other half is buzzed. He has blue-gray eyes wears black nerd-style glasses.


He appears to be friends with Kitty Cheshire and dances with her in True Hearts Day Part 3. He can also be seen talking to Lizzie Hearts at times. He often hangs out with Long Haired Boy.


He's confirmed as the twin brother of White Beanie Boy.


In Apple's Tale, Pink and Purple Haired Girl's hands were wrapped around his arm, possibly suggesting they are a couple.


He wears a striped shirt under a red hoodie with a crown crest, light brown pants and grey shoes.

Outfits:Legacy Day

He wears a black shirt, yellow tie, and a brown jacket. His glasses are yellow and has blonde highlights.


He wears a black suit with yellow trim, a crown crest, and a red tie. His shoes are black.


  • He is thought as a Rebel by the makers with his brother

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