Boy With Silver Crown
Silver Crown Boy - True HDP3
Suspected Side Rebel

Boy With Silver Crown is a common Backgrounder at Ever After High. In the Destiny conflict he is a Rebel.

Possible Story

Coming soon


Coming soon


He usually hangs out with Blue and Gold Girl. In Cupid Comes Clean… Kinda his lab partner is Grey Haired Girl.


He offers Apple Breakfast in Apple's Princess Practice. On True Hearts Day Part 3, he and Orange Haired Girl appear to be a couple, but in Date Night he takes Grey Haired Girl on a date. In Dragon Games he is seen with Backgrounder/Girl In White. He was temporarily in love with Black Haired Girl in Heart Struck.


He wears a dark, dusty blue buttoned shirt, and brown shoes. He mostly wears brown pants and a silver crown, but he occasionally has been seen wearing blue pants and a gold crown.

Outfits:Legacy Day

He wears a grey jacket with a polka-dot shirt underneath, and a dark blue tie. His silver crown has a blue stripe on it.


Webisodes seen in


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