Feathered Hat Girl
Thronecoming - Backgrounder in green
Suspected Side Rebel

Feathered Hat Girl has been a common Backgrounder at Ever After High since Thronecoming.

Possible Story

  • Daughter of Peter Pan.  
  • Daughter of Captain Hook.
  • Daughter of Little John from Robin Hood.
  • Daughter of Wendy


She has Brown hair with blonde stripes, green eyes and light red lips.


She is often seen with a girl with long, black hair with red stripes, Peter, son of The Hero of Haarlem, Girl in Orange, and Ice Girl.


She doesn't have a romantic interest shown.


She wears a grey dress with green straps on left arm and white ruffles on hem, it also has a longer back hem with gradient hues of green and white. She has a blue, short vest, a green corset and blue, hanging belt, dark stockings and black, dark green and green knee-length boots with buckles and white, ruffled socks. She has a green headband with green hat with a round, green brooch and white feather. She has green earrings and white chokes with green stone.

Webisodes seen in


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