Feathered Hat Girl
Thronecoming - Backgrounder in green
Suspected Side Rebel

Feathered Hat Girl has been a common Backgrounder at Ever After High since Thronecoming.

Possible Story

She is possibly the adoptive daughter of Peter Pan.


She has Brown hair with blonde stripes, green eyes and pale lips.


She is often seen with Black,White and Red Haired Girl, Peter, son of The Hero of Haarlem, Girl in Orange, and Ice Girl.


She doesn't have a romantic interest shown.


She wears a grey dress with green straps on left arm and white ruffles on hem, it also has a longer back hem with gradient hues of green and white. She has a blue, short vest, a green corset and blue, hanging belt, dark stockings and black, dark green and green knee-length boots with buckles and white, ruffled socks. She has a green headband with green hat with a round, green brooch and white feather. She has green earrings and white chokes with green stone.

Webisodes seen in


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