Golden Haired Girl
Golden Haired Girl - JS
Suspected Side Royal

Golden Haired Girl is a common backgrounder at Ever After High. She is likely a Royal, as she sits on the Royal side on Legacy Day.

Possible Story

Claimed on a EAH Facebook site, she is Daughter of the Miller from Rumpeltiltskin.


She has grey-blue eyes and long golden hair that is tied up in a low pony-tail.


She is often seen with Orange Haired Girl, Grey Haired Girl and Blue and Gold girl.


In Date Night, she appears to be on a date with Skater Dude.


She has black bodice shirt with long, ivory white sleeves gathered several times. She has ivory white underskirt and a brown, big holed net over it, and on the right side a brown gathered skirt piece with black, mesh ruffle. She has golden bow in her hair, a golden necklace and golden chained decoration on the left side on her hip where the skirt gathers.

Webisodes seen in


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