Grey Haired Girl
Backgrounder Grey Haired Girl
Suspected Side Rebel

Grey Haired Girl is a common Backgrounder at Ever After High. She is a Rebel as she sits on the Rebel side at Legacy Day, as shown in the webisode, The Tale of Legacy Day. She still supported Apple as president of royal council in webisode Maddie-in-Chief.

Possible Story

She's confirmed as Maple, the next Golden Girl from the German fairy tale, Frau Holle, also known as Mother Holle.


She has light grey hair, brown eyes and pale purple lips.


She is confirmed as the twin sister of Girl in Grey.


She is often seen with Long Haired Boy and Orange Haired Girl. In Cupid Comes Clean… Kinda her lab partner is Boy With Silver Crown. She is also seen hanging with the Girl With Vine Bracelets.


In Here Comes Cupid, Wrist Watch Boy tries to get her attention, but she turns him down until he hands her flowers that he got from C.A. Cupid. In Date Night and What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester? she goes to the Theatre with Boy With Silver Crown.


She wears a tan dress that is lighter at the skirt and has black ruffles underneath. The sleeves of the dress are white and puffy. Her fishnets are black and her shoes are white with a bow strap and bow toe. She wears a tan headband with a bow in her hair.

Outfit:Legacy Day

Her hair is in a headband, that somewhat could resemble a squirrel. She wears a tan spaghetti strap dress with a grey quarter-sleeve underneath. She has a thin brown belt.


Her hair is in a ballerina bun. She wears a floor length silver dress with a white bodice and a pink and gold strap. Her earrings are clear blue.

Webisodes seen in


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