Ice Girl
Suspected Side Rebel

Ice Girl is a common backgrounder. She is likely a Rebel.

Possible story

She's the daughter of Old Man Winter.


She has platinum blonde hair with white and silver streaks in it. She has purple eyes and red lips.


Briar Beauty, Girl in Grey, and Feathered Hat Girl




She wears a sleeveless silver, snowflake patterned dress that she has tucked under her overlay shirt/corset so it would be shorter from the front than behind. She has an gold and brown patterned overshirt/corset which has a light brown net to her chest. It is silver from the sides and back. She wears silver gloves and silver/grey gradient leggins with black snowflakes. She has blue shoes with ice spikes coming from them. She accessorizes with pearls and snowflakes and wears a crown with small white flowers.

Webisodes seen in


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