Orange Haired Prince
True-Hearts-Day-Part-3-Orange Haired Boy

Orange Haired Prince is a common Backgrounder at Ever After High

Possible Story

Son of Giselle, from the ballet with same name.


He has orange hair and grey eyes.


He is often seen hanging out with Grey Haired Girl, White Jacket Boy, and Black Scarf Guy


In Apple's Princess Practice, he offers Apple an apple for breakfast. He has been romantically involved with Pastel Bun Girl since True Hearts Day Part 3. He was temporarily in love with Red and Purple Haired Girl in Heart Struck.


He wears a gold crown and a white shirt under his grey vest, blue jeans and brown shoes.


He wears a black suit with grey on the inside, a white shirt underneath, and a green tie.

Webisodes seen in


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