Pink and Purple Haired Girl
A Tale of Two Tales - Lindorm backgrounder
Suspected Side Rebel

Pink and Purple Haired Girl is a common Backgrounder at Ever After High. On the Destiny conflict she is a Rebel.

Possible Story

Her fairytale is possibly The King of Lindorm. It was said on a EAH Facebook page that she would be called Lita Lindorm.


She has curly, shoulder length, pink and purple hair and blue-grey eyes.


She often hangs out with Turquoise Haired Girl and Orange Haired Girl.


In Apple's Tale, she was seen with her hands wrapped around Boy With Curly Hair's arm. She is also flattered by Daring Charming. In Apple's Princess Practice she is seen to have hocus latte and being protected by the Black Scarf Guy.


Her dress is white, puffed at the sleeves and buttoned down the front, and her white skirt is overlapped by a charcoal skirt tied in the back with a bow. She wears a matching charcoal headband, black shoes with bows, and a silver ring a bracelet.

Outfit:Legacy Day

She wears a purple short sleeve turtleneck underneath a black spaghetti strap dress and a blue choker. Her hair is short and big with three bows: one pink and two black.


She wears a turtleneck with layered purple sleeves, pink layered collar and charcoal layered skirt with pink hem. Her tights are white and her shoes are black.


Webisodes seen in


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