Princess Wearing Blue and White
Background Princess in Blue and White - TWOEAH
Suspected Side Royal

Princess Wearing Blue and White is a common backgrounder at Ever After High. She is possibly a Royal because she sat on the Royal side on Legacy Day and supported Apple White for Student Council President in Maddie-in-Chief, and if she's a princess it is likely that her story ends well.... for her, giving her more reason to be a Royal.

Possible Story

Details coming soon.


She has blue eyes and maroon and burgundy hair tied up in a bun.


She appears to be friends with the Orange Haired Girl and the Turquoise Haired Girl. In Cupid Comes Clean… Kinda she is lab partners with Skater Dude.


As of True Hearts Day Part 3 her and Long Haired Boy are a couple. He also escorts her at the Thronecoming Dance. In Heart Struck she temporarily liked White Jacket Boy.


Her bodice is blue with a tiny pink heart, and ruffled at the bottom with flutter sleeves. The skirt of her dress is white with a pale blue heart pattern. She wears white tights and blue heels.


She wears a blue dress that goes above her ankles. The bodice is medium blue with purple quarter sleeves and the the skirt is grey-blue. Her shoes are purple with bows, and her hair is pinned up.

Webisodes seen in


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