Skater Dude
Skater Dude watching cupid - THDP3
Suspected Side Rebel

Skater Dude is a common backgrounder at Ever After High. On the destiny conflict he is a Rebel as he was seen on the Rebel side in the webisode, The Tale of Legacy Day. He is often seen on a skateboard and Skater Dude is also a DJ at the True Hearts Day Dance.

Possible Story

He could be DJ N-Chant, the prince from Rumpelstiltskin, a celebrity around Ever After, because he is the DJ at the True Hearts Day Dance, and also because he's dating with Golden Haired Girl, who is supposed to be Miller's daughter.


He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Boy With Silver Crown and Boy With Curly Hair. In Cupid Comes Clean… Kinda his lab partner is Princess Wearing Blue and White.


He offers Apple breakfast in Apple's Princess Practice. In Date Night, he appears to be on a date with Golden Haired Girl.


He has a pet gecko.


He wears a mahogany beanie, a white v-neck t-shirt underneath a black hooded jacket and jeans with brown boots. He occasionally wears glasses.

Outfit:Legacy Day

He wears a mahogany fedora, and a white and grey v-neck under a high collar black jacket with cuffed sleeves. His pants are grey.


He wears a black suit with grey buckles and a blue tie.

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