Teal Buns Girl
Class Confusion - Teal Bun Girl
Suspected Side Royal

Teal Bun Girl has been a common backgrounder at Ever After High since True Hearts Day Part 3.

Possible Story

Coming soon.


She has teal and white hair in two partial buns. She has hazel eyes and blue lips.


She is friends with Green Beast, Red and Purple Haired Girl and Bob Cut Girl


In Date Night and What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester?, she is seen with a bear at the Multi-hex Theatre.


She wears a black dress that fades to red and drapes down to her ankles, and black boots.


She wears a black dress that fades to red at the bottom with a strip of fishnet, and a purple collar and belt. Her hair is in a ponytail and her lips are pink.


Webisodes seen in


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