Tulip Dress Girl
Raven's Tale - Tulip Dress Girl
Suspected Side Royal

Tulip Dress Girl is a common backgrounder at Ever After High. She sat on the Royal side on Legacy Day, so she is possibly a Royal.

Possible Story

Daughter of the Princess Donkeyskin, from the french fairy tale Donkey Skin, also known as The Bear.


She has dark brown and purple curly hair, blue eyes and purple lips


Princess Wearing Blue and White.


In Heart Struck, she temporarily liked Boy With Curly Hair.

Outfit: Original

She wears a blue and purple tulip shaped dress with fur collar and cuffs, a white crown and rose necklace. Her tights and boots are purple.

Outfit:Legacy Day

She wears a blue dress with flower themed jewelry. Her hair is half up, half down.

Webisodes seen in


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