Best Feather Forward
Duchess and Humphrey - BFF
Released December 23rd 2014
Chapter Two
Episode 26
Running Time 02:39
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Best Feather Forward is the final webisode from the Chapter 2 webisode selection.


After having received a good deed from Apple White and Apple suggesting that Humphrey Dumpty pass it on, Humphrey finds Duchess Swan is in need of a good deed.

Duchess Swan is sad that she has to perform her destiny in Music Class when her singing voice will surely result in a fail.

Unknown to Duchess as first, Humphrey pays for the good deed he received from Apple by paying it forward to Duchess. Duchess receives an 'A+' grade from Professor Pied Piper for telling her story through music, and without having to sing, a happy Duchess pays the good deed forward.


Humphrey Dumpty: Oh yeah! This is going to be the best omelette ever-uh! Oh oh ohhhh!

Apple White: You look like you could use some help Humphrey. Ah-ah ah-ah ahhh!

Humphrey Dumpty: Wow! Thanks for getting me and my eggs back together again.

Apple White: Of course! It's important to pay it forward. Now it's your turn to do something nice for someone else.

Duchess Swan: *crying*

Humphrey Dumpty: Duchess? Are you ok?

Duchess Swan: No, *sniffs*, I'm not ok. Professor Piper is making us perform our destinies in Muse-ic Class

Humphrey Dumpty: Why is that a problem? You're obviously very muse-ical.

Duchess Swan: But my singing voice is a royal fairy-fai-ai-ai-ai-ail.

Humphrey Dumpty: It can't be that bad.

Duchess Swan: La la la la la la la-a-a-a!

Humphrey Dumpty: Wow! Huh....that's some high note.

Duchess Swan: I know! And now I'm certain to fail Muse-ic Class which will close the book on my fairy-point average.

Humphrey Dumpty: Mmmaybe I can help.

Duchess Swan: *crying*

Professor Pied Piper: Now who'd like to go first? Duchess?

Duchess Swan: I'm sorry Professor, but you can just go ahead and fairy-fail me for this project. I can't sing my story.

Students: *gasping* Oh no.

Humphrey Dumpty: But that's because....she danced it.

Duchess Swan: *gasps*

Students: Ooooh. *gasping* Aah. You're brilliant. Woo hoo. Wonderful.

Professor Pied Piper: That was exquisite. 'A' plus.

Duchess Swan: Oh-but, I-I didn't sing.

Professor Pied Piper: Who said you had to sing your story? I just said you had to tell it through muse-ic.

Duchess Swan: Oh Humphrey, how can I repay you?

Humphrey Dumpty: By paying it forward of course.

Billy Goat Gruff: *bleat* do a good deed for a goat? *munching* *bleating*.



Best Feather Forward Ever After High™02:39

Best Feather Forward Ever After High™

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