Biggle Waggle
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A Forest Troll
Fairy Tale Trolls appear in many fairytales.

Biggle Waggle is a forest troll who lives in The Dark Forest in a bog. He first appears in the webisode Bog Bash where he intends to trap the girls, Ashlynn, Blondie, Cupid and Poppy in a 100 year party. Because nobody ever invites Biggle Waggle to anything, he was having a party of his own to compete with the Forest Fest.


Biggle Waggle is a grumpy, rude and bossy troll, ordering the girls at his trapped party to have fun. But once Poppy shows him some kindness by saying he can go to the Forest Fest in her place, he changes his heart and becomes friendlier and happier, joining them on their journey to the Enchanted Forest. Biggle Waggle also showed signs of fear when the monster was chasing them when they were in the Dark Forest on the way to the Forest Fest.


Biggle Waggle is a brown hairy troll with two large horns on his head, droopy ears, shaggy dark brown hair, large tusks and green/brown eyes. He also wears glasses and a beret after a make-over by Poppy and has purple hair and a goat-tee.


It is not known where the name Biggle Waggle comes from.


Nothing is known about his family.


Due to his rude nature he did not have any friends, but will possibly make many friends now he has a changed personality.


He has powers to make curses and cast spells.


  • Biggle Waggle got upset when Faybelle Thorn called him disgusting in Faybelle's Choice and exclaimed that he has feelings.
  • Biggle Waggle uses tree branches to scratch his back.
  • When Poppy called him "rude" in Bog Bash his green eyes changed to pink.
  • Issle Widget the Imp and Faybelle Thorn trick the girls into going to Biggle Waggle's bog, but the girls think that Issle is leading them to the Forest Fest.


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