Blondie Lockes Thronecoming Card

Usually I'm royally confident about my hair. But believe it or not, when it came to how to style my hair for Thronecoming, I was lost in the woods. It had to match my bear-inspired outfit, yet still scream "Thronecoming Queen". So I put my hair in the hands of the only fairytale I could trust... the hottest hair stylist Ever After, Poppy O'Hair.

The first hair style was too "Rebel". I know my outfit has cute bows, but a bowtied hairstyle? Really?

Poppy had an idea,.. since my outfit was all about bears, what about two honey buns. But when she wrapped them, they just felt too 1977. Help me, Poppy O'Hair, you're my only hope!

Finally, after hours of work, Poppy worked her magic, adjusted the buns to look like bear ears, added a little shimmer shine, and POOF! It was just right!

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