Bog Bash
Faybelle gives thumbs up - BB
Released 2nd July 2015
Chapter Three
Episode 10
Running Time 3:17
Previous Driving Me Cuckoo
Next Faybelle's Choice

Bog Bash is the tenth webisode from the Chapter 3 webisode selection.


When a grumpy forest troll traps the girls in a 100 year party, will Poppy's makeover skills be able to save them?


Blondie Lockes: Oh! *grunt* Hang on! I tripped on a mossy stump.

Issle Widget: I'm no mossy stump! Issle Widget the imp, I am. And what great fortune is yours that upon me you've happened.

Poppy O'Hair: Your a who's-a-what now?

Issle Widget: I will be guiding you four guests personally to the secret party of your desires! Follow me! Heh he-he-he-he! You're in for such a surprise!

C.A. Cupid, Poppy O'Hair, Ashlynn Ella, Blondie Lockes: *gasps*

Biggle Waggle: Hey girls. Party, party, party. Whatever.

Blondie Lockes: This isn't the forest fest, is it?

Biggle Waggle: I'm Biggle Waggle, and this is my bog. You girls are guests at my party. Spell, spell, spell, I curse my spell. Now your cursed to stay here for a hundred years.

C.A.Cupid: Wait, what?

Ashlynn Ella: Why would you do that?

Biggle Waggle: No body ever invites me to anything! So I'm having my own party to compete with the Forest Fest. Now I order you to have fun!

Poppy O'Hair: You can't 'order' people to have fun! No wonder your never invited anywhere...seeing as how rude you are!

Biggle Waggle: Wah!

Poppy O'Hair: If you wanna get invited anywhere you need to start acting nicer. And it wouldn't hurt to take care of your appearance, either. *finger clicks* Blondie, my bag. Tah-dah!

Biggle Waggle: I feel like a new troll!

Poppy O'Hair: How would you like to go to the Forest Fest in my place?

Biggle Waggle: You-you would do that for me?

Poppy O'Hair: Sure. I would've let that Faybelle girl go in my place if she wasn't so pushy about it.

Biggle Waggle: No one has ever shown me such kindness! I lift the spell! This way to the Enchanted Forest!

Ashlynn Ella, C.A. Cupid, Blondie Lockes, Poppy O'Hair: Whoo! Ya! Whoo-hoo Yay! *giggles*

C.A. Cupid: That's wonderful!

Issle Widget: Ha ha ha ha! Looks like the only one that got stumped was you!

Faybelle Thorn: *sigh*



Bog Bash Ever After High™03:18

Bog Bash Ever After High™

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