Book Party
Book Party Dolls
Release Date November 2015.

Book Party is a Ever After High doll line that features book themed handbags and fashion. The line has three dolls; Ginger Breadhouse, Kitty Cheshire & Lizzie Hearts, that were all released November 2015. No other dolls have been announced for this line.


The outfits in this line have not been featured in any fiction yet.

Ginger Breadhouse

Line: Book Party.

Released Date: November 2015.

Retail Price: £14.99 ($14.99.)

Hair and Make-up: Pink eye shadow, four brown dots under the outer eye, pink lips. Pink hair with straight bangs.

Clothes: Slim empire dress with pink glittering chest piece and straps and white book and light pink icing printed hem. Pink book and ice-cream themed heels.

Accessories: Golden gingerbread headpiece, large, light blue necklace with open book on chest. Three books tied together in light blue as handbag.

Extras: There is no extra's for the doll.

Kitty Cheshire

Line: Book Party.

Released Date: November 2015.

Retail Price: £14.99 ($14.99.)

Hair and Make-up: Purple eye-shadow and pink lips. Purple hair parted in right and curled.

Clothes: Sleeveless dress's bodice is yellow with black lines and black chesire cat figures with purple. The dress has purple, ruffled, shimmery, dropped skirt. Purple cat heels.

Accessories: Silver headband with silver and glitter ears, silver collar from where a u-shaped decoration drops to her chest with two fur balls. Purple book as handbag.

Extras: There are no extra's for the doll.

Lizzie Hearts

Line: Book Party.

Released Date: November 2015.

Retail Price: £14.99 ($14.99.)

Hair and Make-up: Black hair with red stripes on the left, pulled back by headband. Brown and golden eyeshadow and dark purple lips. Heart over her left eye. 

Clothes: Empire cut pencil dress with red, shiny bodice and playcard and bookpage patterned skirt. Red heels with book decoration.

Accessories: Red, glittered headband with playcards and hearts, Golden necklace from books and three leaved clover, red book handbag with her name on it.

Extras: There is no extra's for the doll.

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