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Briar Beauty

Briar Beauty is shown to have a on-track mind; the princess tries to squeeze in as much fun and excitement as possible before she must sleep for hundred years, whether by shopping, throwing parties, or doing possibly dangerous stunts. Due to residual effects of the original sleeping curse, Briar tends to fall asleep at the worst times. To make up for sleeping in class, Briar is surprisingly good at studying.

Apple White

Briar and Apple

Briar and Apple faithful of Apple's destiny.

Despite Briar being a popular individual figure and party-goer, thrower, and constant party guest, Briar is the BFFA of Apple White, the fairest of them all. Briar shows deep admiration, devotion, support and help towards her friend, she would get in trouble for her. In order to not usurp or hurt Apple's feelings, Briar intimately believes that changing her destiny would be a good idea, but supports Apple in the conflict anyways.

She's not only totally fairest, but she believes that every fairytale's story is just as important as hers. So royal!
―Briar admiring Apple in her diary.

Ashlynn Ella

Briar and Ashlynn

Ashlynn comforts Briar.

Briar and Ashlynn are seen as close friends. Ashlynn is always there whenever Briar needs comfort. The two are both close friends with the rest of the Royals as well.

Great idea, Ash! I'll pour a little creature concoction into Raven's cake. And Apple will think Raven tried to poison her!
―Briar scheming with Ashlynn.

Blondie Lockes

Although Briar and Blondie have never directly interacted with each other in the series, Blondie, Briar and Apple were mirrorchatting with each other in the holidays, as Apple, Blondie and Briar are all BFFAs.

C.A. Cupid

Cupid rejoices

Cupid rejoices as Briar accepted her request.

Cupid and Briar first interacted in "True Hearts Day Part 1" where Cupid required Briar's help to throw a secret (underground) True Hearts Day dance. Cupid has trouble explaining this to Briar as the Headmaster made her promise not to tell anyone. Briar and Cupid seem to understand each other quickly, with Briar being a skilled charade player and accepts Cupid's request. The two also indirectly interacted in "Here Comes Cupid", as it was Cupid's plan for Hopper to lip-sync in order to charm her.

Yay! We're having a secret True Hearts Day dance!
―Cupid accidentally blurts out her and Briar's plans.

Hopper Croakington II

Astonished briar

Briar astonished by Hopper's complimenting skills.

Briar and Hopper are just friends, as Hopper conceals his crush, unlike his actions before by messing up whenever flirting with girls. Briar was previously oblivious to his frog form, but she giggles at Hopper's eagerness to praise her. When Hopper first started flirting with Briar, she was slightly disgusted but charmed by his frog form. Hopper also shows that he is somewhat skilled in planning parties, shown in "True Hearts Day Part 3" as Briar modestly confessed to Raven Queen that she alone did not plan the True Hearts Day dance.

My sweet Briar, the beauty of this night is not, compared to the beauty you possess.
―Hopper lip-syncing his frog form's formal poetry to Briar.

Lizzie Hearts

Briar and Lizzie - Lizzie Shuffles the Deck

Briar and Lizzie

Briar and Lizzie appear to be acquaintances. As seen in "Replacing Raven", the two sit together in the castleteria. In Lizzie Shuffles the Deck, Briar helps Lizzie by offering her friendly support regarding her approach with her true friends. They are on the Royal Croquet Team together.
Being a royal doesn't mean we have to do exactly what our parents did. I like to think...the details are up to us.
―Briar offering friendly advice to Lizzie

Madeline Hatter

Maddie and Briar

Maddie asks Briar who's deejaying.

Madeline and Briar are seen as acquaintances throughout the series. The first sign of their alliance was on the official site. The next when Madeline approaches Raven and Briar and eagerly asks who's deejaying in "True Hearts Day Part 3". Briar soon surprises Madeline with good news.

Maddie and Briar are joining forces to host a royally wicked pre-Legacy Day party. To make sure it's a page-ripper, the girls are trying to book DJ N-Chant to spin muse-ic for the bash.
―Finding Forever After in the official site.

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