Line: Originals.

Released Date: January 2015.

Retail Price: £19.99 ($21.99).

Hair and Make-up: Her hair has white bobcat cut reaching shoulders. She has pink lips and eye-shadow.

Clothes: Bunny is wearing black short sleeved shirt and a grey vest with white fur trimming. She has mint green skirt with clock pattern and a ruffle with grey, pink and mint green plaid. She wears black gloves with white ruffles and white over knee stockings with black buttons on the side and black shoes.

Accessories: Bunny comes with a black hat headband which has a golden clock with bunny ears, a black undershirt with pink necktie and a golden clock. She has golden earrings.

Extras: Doll comes with, gold key shaped hair brush, gold doll stand and doll diary.

Carnival Date

Line: Carnival Date.

Release Date: January 2016

Retail Price: £24.99-£34.99 ($24.99-$34.99).

Hair and Make-Up: Her hair is in a white bob, her eye-shadow is purple and lips are pink.

Clothes: She wears and white and pastel green dress with triangles and ferris wheel designs. Her shoes are purple with  Bunny ears at the toe, and cotton tails at the heel. She also has black gloves with white ruffles.

Accessories: She comes with white bunny ears tilted to the side, a blue neckpiece and a bunny shapped cotton candy treat that she can hold.

Extras: She comes in 2 pack with Alistair Wonderland.

Archery Club

Line: Archery Club.

Release Date: December 2016

Retail Price: 12.99$

Hair and make-up: Platinum blonde, shoulder length hair on sharp bob cut with fringe. Lilac eyeshadow, pink lips.

Clothes: Light green, sleeveless, mini dress with yellow swirls and red and blue flowers on front. Pink, molded on leggings with leaf decoration. Pink armour going over the shoulders in front, one strap holding it to a swirl decorated half belt with three straps. Light pink, flower and leaf decorated heels.

Accessories: Light pink bow with hourglass decoration and arrow with bunny tail in the end. Light pink leaf headband with bunny ears and a clock.

Extras: Doll comes with no extras.

Sweet Treats

Line: Sweet Trats

Release Date: January 2018

Retail Price: To be added.

Hair and make-up: To be added.

Clothes: To be added.

Extras: To be added.