C.A. Cupid Thronecoming Card

When I found out I was on the Thronecoming Court, I screamed so loud the entire land of Ever After must have heard. And I knew exactly what I wanted to wear…an entire outfit inspired by my family, who's ever so supportive.

For example, the strap to my purse is as string of laurel leaves, just like the one's my Uncle Apollo wears for a sun-inspired crown.

And my cuffed winged earrings? Why, my cousin Hermes gave them to me on my last birthday. Not only are they totally fableous, but they help deliver messages loud and clear, which will be perfect if I have to give an acceptance speech.

But my gladiator-style sandal heels are by far my favorite. They were a going-away gift from my Aunt Athena. They remind me to always be strong, and always listen to my heart.