The Candy Witch in the mother of Ginger, and the witch that supposedly lured Hansel and Gretel to her cottage so she could fatten them up and eat them for dinner. However, it is only a rumor Hansel and Gretel made up so they wouldn't be grounded for trespassing. Even though she enjoys brewing evil potions and using them on victims, she has no interest in consuming children.


She accepts her story with pride, and often using children as test subjects by hiding her potions in delicious and tempting treats. She had always been disappointed that Ginger wouldn't accept her for her witchy self, but after finding out Ginger was ashamed to bring her mother to her middle school graduation, she changed her look so people wouldn't be scared of her. She a very caring mother who does her everything for Ginger.


Before her makeover, she had green matted hair a ragged black dress and black military boots and candy jewelry. After her makeover she has pink silky hair, like Gingers, and pulled away from her face with a white ribbon. She has a wart on her chin.


She is called the Candy Witch because she in know for using candy and other treats to make most of her potions.


She is the mother of Ginger Breadhouse.


It is unknown who her friends are, but she gets along well with her daughter, Ginger


She used to date Rumpelstiltskin.


She can put spells in her food.


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