Owner Kitty Cheshire
Species Caterpillar

Carrolloo is Kitty Cheshire's pet caterpillar. Carrolloo can disappear along with Kitty when she is sitting on Kitty's lap in the webisode, The Cat Who Cried Wolf.


Carrolloo is just as mischievous as Kitty and seems to enjoy Kitty's mischievous nature, smiling when she is up to no good. As Carrolloo wears a ribbon it is assumed that the caterpillar is a she. Carrolloo can also talk.


Carrolloo is a pale blue and pale lavender caterpillar. She has mid blue twin dots running down the underside of her body and pale blue and mid blue stripes encircled with darker blue on her upperside of her body. Carrolloo has lavendar eyes and blue antennae with a thin blue ribbon tied around one of them.


It is not exactly known why she is called Carrolloo, but Lewis Carroll wrote the story Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and as Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat from the same story, it could be safely assumed that the 'Carroll' part of Carrolloo's name is taken from the author's surname and the 'loo' sound could be from 'Lew' in 'Lewis' - Lewis Carroll, Carroll Lew!.


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  • In The Storybook of Legends Carrolloo say, "What are you sorry lot of wolf dumps looking at?"
  • Wonderlandian students already have their pets when they come through the portal to Ever After so Kitty did not get Carrolloo on Legacy Year.
  • She's obviously a reference to the Caterpillar from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it's unknown if they are related to each other.