Cedar Wood - Profile Art-Work

Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood is a kind, honest, enthusiastic girl who is prone to awkwardness as she can't tell a lie and sometimes blurts out the truth uncontrollably. Her story as the next Pinocchio contains the Happily Ever After she's always wanted, becoming a real girl, but she considers a destiny on her terms to be most important. Her father was the one who placed a truth spell on her to prevent her from telling lies. She is very creative and loves to paint and sculpt as there she can express herself outside of the truth. She is very loyal to her friends.

Apple White

Adorable friends

Apple and Cedar reach a compromise.

As described by Cedar, Apple is always willing to help anyone in need, especially her. As the two have reached an agreement in "The Beautiful Truth", Apple tops the relationship with her helpfulness and kindness towards Cedar. As mentioned in her diary, Cedar has to find her voice, and Apple volunteers to help. Apple also encouraged Cedar to try lying, and Cedar for Apple to find the beauty in herself. The two reach a compromise and are on good terms.

Apple truly only ever wants to help. That's why she's the fairest one of all.
―Cedar's summary of Apple.

Cerise Hood

Cerise's statement

The Rebels assertively agree to Cerise's statement.

Cerise and Cedar are on good terms, being roommates, and close friends. But although they are friends, Cerise doesn't completely entrust her secret with Cedar, due to Cedar constantly blurting out the truth, which Cerise can't afford to risk. The two are often seen agreeing, supporting, and helping each other whenever they are in an argument.

Cupid. You seen Cedar? I can't find her anywhere.
―Cerise concerned over her friend

Madeline Hatter

Cedar and Splinter - Rebel's Got Talent

Madline and Cedar.

Madeline and Cedar have shared a valuable and trustworthy relationship. Madeline is also very helpful towards Cedar, as seen in her diary when she appointed her with Lizzie Hearts, the finder of her voice. Madeline and Cedar agree on many things together, and their understanding of their friends are impeccable. The two know each others' friends and are sometimes seen together.

It looks like you could use a friend.
―Madeline supporting Cedar.

Raven Queen

Raven and Cedar

Raven and Cedar.

Raven is a great supporter of Cedar, especially when she feels like speaking her mind. In "The Beautiful Truth", when Cedar embarrassingly explains herself to her friends why she is unable to make it. Raven encourages of her ambitions to be an awesome, empowered girl. This lightens up Cedar's attitude.

It's not silly, Cedar! I say go for it.
―Raven supporting Cedar's opinion.

Lizzie Hearts

Lizzie and Cedar are seen as allies. Lizzie helped Cedar find her voice by painting the roses red in a Wonderland way. Although the two have not interacted in the series, they now appear to be acquaintances in the books and diaries.

Ever so slightly, Lizzie smiled back.
―Lizzie's small act of friendship.

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