SDCC Cedar Card Profile

You see the marionette puppet onstage? The one that looks like me? Well, it actually is me, the real Cedar. The coachman from my future Pinocchio story put a magical curse on me and my friends that turned us all into puppets. I think he plans on handing us over to the Evil Queen! Lucky for me, I am already a puppet. Which means I'm the only one who has the power to help my friends escape. I've already tried a few times, but thanks to the coachman's curse, all I've got to show for it are a growing nose and a pair of donkey ears. I'm not giving up, though! You see the chest on the side of the stage? There's a potion in there that will change us all back to students. If you can distract the coachman, I can get free, take the potion, and get my friends back to Ever After High where they belong!


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