Cedar Wood Spring Unsprung smallpicture

I'm not gonna lie (as if I had a choice). I'm wicked hexcited for this year's Spring Fairest! I can't wait to show off this Wonderlandiful outfit Lizzie designed especially for me. This spring I'm totally branching out!

The may-tree ribbon wrapping always carves a smile on my face. I can't wait! I've got a surprise in store. We're wrapping the may-tree in black and white ribbons this year: one color for Royals and the other for Rebels. I'm trying to get people to realize that even though we're seeing the story from different angles, we're all still fairytales from the same school. It's time to put our differences aside.

Also I can't wait for the face-painting contest. I've drawn inspiration from Lizzie, and have been working with Maddie. This year, my face-painting is going to be all about Wonderland: Cheshire smiles, white rabbit noses and heart designs that will make you shout "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" (I think that's a good thing?).

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