The students and staff at Ever After High are destined to be part of their very own fairy tale stories or nursery rhymes. Below are the characters with external links to their stories or rhymes.

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Apple White
Apple story

Apple white is the daughter of Snow White from the story Snow White. Apple is a Royal and wants very much to follow her destiny and become the next Snow White and marry her Prince Charming.

Ashlynn Ella
Ashlynn story

Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Cinderella from the story Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper. Ashlynn Ella was a Royal but following her open admission about her and Hunter dating, she became a Rebel when she decided to go against her destiny, and stating in True Hearts Day Part 3, "Call me Ashlynn Ella the rebel!".

Baba Yaga
Baba stories

Baba Yaga is the sometimes referred to as a witch or supernatural being and may be one of three sisters in Slavic folklore. Baba Yaga still resides in her cottage on chicken legs at Ever After High, as mentioned in The Storybook of Legends and seen in the webisode, Thronecoming, and is a sorceress/witch in her teaching role at Ever After High.

Badwolf CPP

Professor Badwolf is the the Big Bad Wolf that appears in several stories, including some of Aesop's Fables as well as Grimms' Fairy Tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids and the Russian tale, Peter and the Wolf.

Blondie Lockes
Blondie stories

Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks from the story The Story of the Three Bears sometimes known as The Three Bears, Goldilocks and the Three Bears or simply Goldilocks. Blondie is a Royal as she sides with the Royals, although she has some insecurities about her destiny and her royal status.

Briar Beauty
Briar Beauty Story

Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty from the story Sleeping Beauty, sometimes known as Little Briar Rose, by the Brothers Grimm. Briar is a Royal but with doubts, as she is not looking forward to sleeping for a hundred years.

Cedar Wood
Cedar Wood Story

Cedar Wood is the daughter of Pinocchio from the story The Adventures of Pinocchio, or simply known as Pinocchio. Even though Cedar's story ends in the Happily Ever After that she dreams of, Cedar is a Rebel as she thinks it is unfair that others should be stuck in stories that they do not want.

Cerise Hood
Cerise Hood Stories

Cerise Hood is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood from the story Little Red Riding Hood, sometimes known as Little Red Cap or simply, Red Riding Hood. Cerise is a Rebel because she has to hide her wolf ears, her father is Badwolf and she cannot be a true Red Riding Hood if wolves play such a big part in her life.

Duchess Swan
Duchess Swan Story

Duchess Swan is the daughter of Odette, The White Swan Queen from the story Swan Lake. However it's hinted several times that she could play the role of The Black Swan, Odile, too. Duchess is a Royal, but where the Rebels want to write their own stories, Duchess wishes to switch stories with another.

Ginger Breadhouse
Photo Gallery Ginger tcm571-195135

Ginger Breadhouse is the daughter of The Candy Witch from the story Hansel and Gretel. Ginger is a Rebel as she just wants to bake for everyone and is not doing it to lure them to their doom.

Hopper Croakington II
Hopper Croakington II - Hear Come's Cupid

Hopper Croakington II is the son of the Frog Prince from the fairy tale with the same name, [1] which is best known through the Brother's Grimm version of the fairytale. Hopper is a Royal for unknown reasons.

Hunter Huntsman
Profile Hunter

Hunter Huntsman is the son of Huntsman from all stories where huntsman are needed, like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Peter and the Wolf. He is a Rebel as he doesn't want to hurt animals, he rather saves them. He is even vegetarian.

Kitty Cheshire
Kitty Cheshire Profilehead

Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Chesire Cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She is Rebel for unknown reasons. Kitty is a prankster as she should be, but is loyal and helpful towards her friends 'till the end.

Lizzie Hearts
Lizzie Hearts Profilehead

Lizzie Hearts is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She is Royal and can't wait to rule the Wonderland, but with more gentle tone than her mother. She is kind and caring under her reputation of chopping off the heads.

Madeline Hatter
Madeline Hatter - Profilehead

Madelaine Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. She is Rebel even though she loves her destiny, but she believes everyone has the right to choose their path. She's an optimistic who is always there for her friends.

Raven Queen
Raven Queen Story

Raven Queen is the daughter of The Evil Queen from the story Snow White. Raven is a Rebel as she does not want to poison Apple or cause misery and be hated by the rest of Ever After. Raven is also the leader of the Rebels.

Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs - Raven's Tale, The Story of a Rebel

The Three Little Pigs are from the story with the same name and their story also includes a Big Bad Wolf like Little Red Riding Hood and other tales. The Three Little Pigs tend to be helpful students at Ever After High and are Royals.

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