Cinderella Castle is Ashlynn Ella's home, she lives there with her mother Cinderella, her father King Charming and her auntie Step. The castle appears in Epic Winter and the Rose of Summer is kept here.

The Castle itself is rather large and has many spires and turrets. The main part of the castle is made of cream bricks and the roofs have teal tiles. It is located on the top of a high hill, reached by a very long staircase. However, this was changed to an Escalator so Cinderella would never lose a shoe again.

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is located directly behind the front door. Both the throne room and kitchen are next to it. It has a large dome shaped like a clock.


The kitchen is next to the entrance hall and is completely circular. It is here Rosabella Beauty and Daring Charming fall in love. It appears to be very modern. It has a kitchen island, chandelier, fridge and so on.

Cinderella's Shoe Closet

Cinderella has a large six floor shoe closet next to her bedroom where also the glass slipper is located.

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