Clara Lear is the daughter of King Lear, however her story isn't widely known around the school which causes her some insecurities. Madeline Hatter's kindness and patience have eased her insecurities a bit though.


Clara is an insecure girl who is rather defensive. As shown in Madeline's story, she enjoys regular tea but is a sweet girl.She is insecure about her story's importance, the grimness of her destiny, and if her red hair won't make her a target for ostracism.


Clara has red hair and light brown freckles. She dresses in all-gray and her posture is noticeably stiff.


It is currently unknown why she would be called Clara, however it is a common name.


It is currently unknown where Clara Lear lives.


She is the daughter of King Lear.


Clara is friends with Madeline Hatter and a girl with dark hair and blue wings.


Clara does not appear to be in a relationship.


It is not known what pet Clara has, if any.

Class Schedule

  • Princessology


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