Coral Witch is the daughter of the Sea Witch and is mentioned first in the "The Storybook of Legends". She does not go to Ever After High, as she is only about 10 years old. She resides in the school lake.



Coral is a bubbly and helpful person.


Coral is described to be no younger than ten years old. She has pale blue skin and dark blue-black hair. Raven suspects she doesn't have feet. Coral has a mermaid tail covered in red crustacean plates.


Despite being known as a "lake-girl" by the students, Coral's name comes from the coral, the beautiful underwater plant-like animal.



She is the daughter of the Sea Witch and is destined to cut out the Little Mermaid's tongue to make a potion, which she finds rather revolting. She wants to use her sea witch powers to help sea creatures.


It is likely that she is friends with Cedar Wood and Raven Queen. She is also friendly with Meeshell Mermaid and they confide in each other in Fairy Tail Ending.


Coral's known power is that she can summon sea creatures by blowing bubbles. She can also breathe underwater. As a witch, she can use her abalone wand to cast spells. Only she and her mother can change mermaid tails into legs.


  • She inherited her mother's horrible singing voice.

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