Way Too Wonderland

Line: Way Too Wonderland.

Released Date: 2015.

Retail Price: £19.99 ($21.99).

Hair and Make-up: Curled, blonde hair with purple stripes parted from left. Light grey and pink eyeshadow, a white diamond over the other eye. Red lips.

Clothes: Short dress with zigzag hem. Pattern includes red stripes with purple swirls, mint stripes with light purple diamonds and smaller, darker diamonds, dark purple stripes with red diamonds. The dress has light purple, glittering, puffy mesh sleeves with red edge. She wears a golden belt with clock and chain in it and a red, plastic skirt with up bending sliced decorated with diamonds. She has molded fishnet leggings, other foot red and other light purple. She wears black boots with small gold decoration and a red bow in her right boot. She has the jester's neck wear in purple with gold bells and gold chain on front. She has black gloves.

Accessories: Golden headband with a red jester crown. Two black bracelets up to her elbows.

Extras: Golden brush and golden stand. A joker card.

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