Courtly Pleads Her Case
Vote To Set Courtly Free - CPHC
Released 15th October 2015
Chapter Way Too Wonderland
Episode 11
Running Time 02:00
Previous Way Too Wonderland:Meet Courtly Jester
Next What's In The Cards For Courtly Jester?

Courtly Pleads Her Case is the eleventh webisode from the Way Too Wonderland webisode selection. It starts the online vote to "Free Courtly Jester".


Courtly promises she has changed her ways and asks will people let her go free.


Heart card: Take a seat, miss Jester. You have five minutes to plead your case.

Courtly Jester: Allright, watch it! I'll get a papercut!

Spade card: Courtly Jester, why should you be released from Wonderland penetentary and allowed to enter Ever After High?

Courtly Jester: A good question. I'll tell you why. Anybody watching this on the mirrorNet I need your help to get out of here. If you give me a chance to go to Ever After High I'll be good! Cross my hearts!

Heart card: Oi!

Courtly Jester: I admit, I got a little out of hand and made some bad choises but the Queen of Hearts started it! Ah, Lizzie's mom made ruling look so fun! With all the presents, the royal subjects and did I meantion presents? *little giggle* I admit. I got little out of hand but judge Catepillar was so unfair! I was charced with stealing but I was... regifting! Trespassing, but I'd call it party crashing! *little giggle* And identity theft but it was more like dressing up, like people whose stories I'd wanted to try on! Okay, I'm found guilty of that last one, but I'm a Joker! A wild card! Pranks is what I do... did! Well what I did. I've learned my lesson. I've made up my crimes by doing community service! Look! I can prove it! I've polished the White Knight's armour 'till you could see yourself in it, I was the three Billy Goats Scruff personal chef, I even gave Tiny the giant a pedicure! I've been punished enough! It's up to you. Only you can choose if I'm to be released and given the chance to a fresh start at Ever After High. So, get online and vote to set me free!



Courtly Pleads Her Case Ever After High02:11

Courtly Pleads Her Case Ever After High

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