Lizzie mallets
Released November 13th 2015
Chapter Three
Episode 17
Running Time 3:32
Previous Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After
Next Save Me, Darling!

Croquet-Tastrophe is the seventeenth episode on Chapter three webisodes.


With Raven and Apple at a total standstill, it’s up to Lizzie to help determine who will be the next yearbook editor… Wonderland style!


Apple White: Raven.

Raven Queen: Apple.

Apple White: Raven.

Raven Queen: Apple.

Female narrator: Apple and Raven had a problem; as co-editors, the girls would have to agree on a shared vision for the yearbook.

Male narrator: And lately, they couldn't even agree to disagree.

Raven Queen: Apple...

Apple White: Raven.

Madeline Hatter: Why can't you two figure out how to be friends?! There has to be a way!

Lizzie Hearts: There is a way! In Wonderland, we would have a duel - a croquet duel!

Students: Oohhhh!

Lizzie Hearts: Whoever wins the game becomes the senior editor.The other must relinquish power.

Raven Queen: I'll do it, if you will.

Apple White: You're on.

Lizzie Hearts: Mallets at dawn!

Lizzie Hearts: Apple, Raven, you know the rules. I make them up as you go along. Maddie, you are Raven's wicket keeper; Bunny, you are with Apple. The ball must pass through the wicket to score. Now turn, walk ten paces, and swing your mallet!

Apple White and Raven Queen: Hmm...

Bunny Blanc and Madeline Hatter: *cheers*

Apple White: Nicely played, picture perfect. Too bad you wouldn't want a shot of that in the yearbook.

Rumpelstiltskin: Apple White!!!

Students: *gasp*

Raven Queen: Well, if you ask me, this is more memorable.

Rumpelstiltskin: DETENTION!

Apple White: It's all about showing us at our best, like this shot of our faithful wicket keepers.

Raven Queen: More like wicket sleepers.

Apple White: Well, the winner will decide.

Raven Queen: Fine. Let's finish this.

Lizzie Hearts: A tie! Presenting the yearbook co-editors: Apple and Raven!

Students: *cheering*

Daring Charming: That's it, I'm off to bed. See'ya!

Madeline Hatter: I knew you could work thing out! With you guys in charge, it's going to be the best yearbook ever!

Raven Queen: I'll do it, if you will.

Apple White: You're on.

Female Narrator: Perhaps the girls still don't see eye to eye.

Male Narrator: But at least, they're on the same page.



Croquet-Tastrophe Ever After High03:24

Croquet-Tastrophe Ever After High

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