Crystal Winter
CrystalWinter Card
Daughter of the Snow Queen and King
Side Royal

Crystal Winter is the daughter of the Snow King and Queen from tale Snow Queen. She was first introduced in the TV special Epic Winter in 2016. She lives in an ice castle in the clouds at the top of the world with her parents. She is a Royal in hopes that she rules the Ice Castle one day.


She is a happy and fun loving girl who doesn't take responsibility seriously at first and lets other do the work and make decisions for her. During Epic Winter she learns to take responsibility and make her own mind and not to be afraid to take instant action when needed. She proves to be smart and creative. She loves playing ice hockey and is interested in meteorology.


Crystal has tealish-blue hair with white stripes, ice blue eyes and pink lips.


Settings are places where fairytale characters live and there stories are based. Crystal Winter's setting is her family's Ice Castle at The Top Of The World. The Ice Castle is located above the clouds, behind a big, ice gate in the middle of large snow fields. There are amazing views of the starry sky and northern lights.


Crystal is the daughter of The Snow King and Queen. The Snow Queen is from the fairytale with the same name.


Crystal's best friends are Ashlynn Ella and Briar Beauty. She has two snow pixie servant who she's close with; Foxanne and Veronicub. She befriends Blondie Lockes, Rosabella Beauty, Daring Charming, Farrah Goodfairy and Faybelle Thorn on her adventure. In There's No Business Like Snow Business, she befriends Madeline Hatter and Apple White.


Nothing is known of her romance status.


In Glitterisier she comes with a lilac owl.


Crystal has a winter magic wand that has powerful snow and ice magic. 

Colour Scheme

Crystal's colour scheme consists of cold purple, blue and white.


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