Daring Charming
Daring's Card
Son of King Charming
Born 2nd April
Side Royal
Roommate Hopper Croakington II

Daring Charming is a Royal, a choice that was motivated by Daring's father, King Charming, who encouraged him to follow his destiny due to Daring's looks and positive attitude. Daring is the oldest of the King's children and is destined to be a great Prince Charming.


Daring is very self-obsessed and loves looking at himself in his mirror. Daring is also very charming and flirtatious towards the female students and it is said his smile can make any girl swoon. Knowing this only adds to Daring's ego. In Epic Winter Daring was cursed to be a beast and became more kind and selfless to undo the curse.


Daring has blue eyes, sleek blonde hair and has bright white teeth.


As each Ever After High student has their own fairytale-represented name, Daring's name represents him, literally daring, handsome and charming.


Daring Charming's Setting is his family home Charming Castle.


Daring is the eldest child of King and Queen Charming. He has two younger siblings, Dexter Charming and Darling Charming. His paternal grandparents are King Auspicious Charming and Queen Alluring Charming. His father has five siblings and together they have 18 children in total: Daring, Dexter, Darling, Charity, Courageous, Cherished, and Caring, Elegant and Errant, Fragile, Fearless and Fairest, and Good-Enough, Gallant, Glorious, Gutsy, Gracious, and Gorgeous.


Daring is best friends with Hopper Croakington II, his brother Dexter Charming and Sparrow Hood. He also hangs out with most other male students as well.


Daring was thought to be destined to save Apple White and had hoped to marry her, but in Dragon Games it was proved that Apple White wasn't his predetermined princess. Apple White only ever saw Daring as a friend, while Daring wanted to make the most of his time as a bachelor.

Daring has the admiration of almost every girl in school, including, Duchess Swan, Holly O'Hair, Lizzie Hearts, Cerise Hood, and even Raven Queen was interested when she thought the feeling was mutual.

In Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First Date, Daring took Lizzie out as a dare, but seemed to develop a crush on her, and in Spring Unsprung, they rode on the Fairest Wheel together. In A Wonderlandiful World, he flirted with her during Royal Student Council, and later she dubbed him loyal protector of wonderland. 

In Thronecoming, he showed gratitude toward Cerise Hood for her help in the Bookball championship, and they danced at the party. So far nothing has been shown that they entered a relationship after the dance.

After Epic Winter, it seems that Daring seems to care for Rosabella Beauty very deeply, as it was her who taught him to be selfless. During the students dream when they were in an Enchanted Sleep, Daring and Rosabella kissed, and when Rosabella's skiis broke, Daring carried her the rest of the way.


Daring gets a peacock in Legacy Year that he names P-Hawk.

Class Schedule

  • Dragon Slaying.
  • Hero Training.
  • Theatre.

Color Scheme

Daring's outfit consists usually consist of white, black, shades of blue and yellow. He sometimes adds reds and pale browns.


Daring wears a gold crown, a black dress shirt, a pale yellow argyle sweater with a gold collar and lavender and powder blue diamond patterns, a creamy white jacket with dark blue sleeves and gold stripes with the "EAH" logo in red with gold lining and gold embellishments down the front of the jacket, blue jeans, and white sneakers. 

Outfit:Legacy Day

Daring wears a regal red cape, a military leader outfit and a larger crown. 

Outfit:Hat-tastic Party

Daring wears formal, dirty white uniform prep clothing underneath his preppy black sweater-vest. His sweater-vest is lined with red and has various gold buttons and badges on it. Daring wears pale brown pants and dirty green sneakers. Daring accessorizes with a watch and belt and mirror ring.


Daring wears a black suit with gold peacock trim over a red vest with gold buttons, and a blue bow tie. His shoes are black and his socks are red.


  • Daring Charming is not Apple White's Prince Charming as he attempted to wake her from her sleeping spell with a kiss and it did not work.
  • Daring story has been confirmed as the next Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
  • In annual 2015 he says his favourite subject is theatre as he is born to take the center stage. His least favourite subject is dragon slaying as he is so good at it, it bores him.


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