The Dark Fairy is the mother of Faybelle Thorn, and the previous Dark Fairy from the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.


The Dark Fairy is a very elegant woman who demands respect from all who see her. She takes pride being one of the most powerful fairies there is. Because of a curse, she is often left uninvited to parties. This angers her.


She has straight silver and white hair with dark eyes and high cheekbones. She prefers to wear white garments and accessories. She has large, translucent magnificent wings edged in black.


Her daughter is Faybelle Thorn. She loves her daughter and will drop everything to be by her side. However, she will make her daughter quit cheer hexing if it gets in the way of her destiny.


She is friends with The Candy Witch.


The Dark Fairy is a magical being and has unlimited dark powers. She and her descendents can break spells that even the Evil Queen's blood line cannot shatter.


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