Date Night
Dexter and Raven - DN
Released 5th June 2015
Chapter Three
Episode 8
Running Time 3:17
Previous Baking and Entering
Next Driving Me Cuckoo

Date Night is the eighth webisode from the Chapter 3 webisode selection.


Raven and Dexter overcome their wicked nerves to enjoy an enchanting first date at the Multi-hex Theater.


C.A. Cupid: We definitely should've found the Forest-Fest by now.

Ashlynn Ella: Let's all just take our mind off of our situation, and think about other things!

Blondie Lockes: Ooh! Boys.

C.A. Cupid: That's exactly what I was trying not to think about!

Ashlynn Ella: I forgot Dexter was taking Raven to the movies tonight. Who knows, maybe it won't go very well.

Raven Queen: I think I'll wear this bracelet, or, um, maybe this ring. Oh, this necklace would look nice.

Apple White: It's a night at the movies Raven, not a final hexam!

Raven Queen: I know, I know. Huh, I'm way more nervous than I hexpected. I mean, this is my first actual date...with Dexter. He's here!

Dexter Charming: *knocking* I'm sorry I didn't realise that wood was your head! I-I mean the door was your head-I mean-have some flowers!

Raven Queen: Thank you, huh, they're um...beautiful!

Dexter Charming: I forgot! Dark Queen! Flowers! *groans*

Raven Queen: That's okay. I-I'll just put them in some water. I'm so clumsy! I am so sorry, Dexter.

Dexter Charming: No, no, I'm so sorry, it's my fault!

Raven Queen: It's totally my fault. Really, I'm so sorry.

Dexter Charming: I am so, so sorry that you're sorry.

Apple White: *sigh*

Dexter Charming: This place is...really fancy, and um...

Raven Queen: Maybe we should just go..sit..down.

Dexter Charming: Watch your feet.

Raven Queen: Ow!

Dexter Charming: How'd I even do that! Should I get some snacks? I should get some snacks.

Female Backgrounder: *giggles* Awww.

Dexter Charming: No, no, no, I should stay. No, I should probably get some snacks.

Male and Female Troll: *kissing*

Raven Queen: *laughs nervously*

Dexter Charming: You want snacks?

Female Backgrounder: *giggles*

Dexter Charming: I don't want snacks.

Raven Queen: *groans*

Dexter Charming: Now I need to go to the bathroom. Do you need to go to the bathroom?

Raven Queen: ENOUGH!

Dexter Charming: Raven?

Raven Queen: Dexter. I've got a confession to make. I am like, really, super nervous.

Dexter Charming: You're nervous? But I'm nervous.

Raven Queen: We've got something in common! Hahaha. So really, there's nothing to be nervous about! Let's just be ourselves, and enjoy the evening.

Dexter Charming: But, Raven-

Raven Queen: Shh, it's starting. I can't wait to see what comes next.



Date Night - Ever After High™03:18

Date Night - Ever After High™

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