Profile Art - Deerla
Forest Pixie

Deerla is one of the Forest Pixies who live in the Enchanted Forest. Forest Pixies are mystical protectors of the forest creatures, Deerla is the Deer Forest Pixie and protects the deers.


Deerla is curious, graceful, fun loving, observant and friendly. She is a bit shy to new people but is interested about them as soon as it's sure they're not a threat. She loves to explore the forest to find the tastiest tree leaves for snacks. She is fast runner and coaches a deer league track team.


Deerla has long light blonde hair tied into a twisted pony-tail. She has golden deer antlers and deer ears on the top of her head and her eyes are blue. She also has white freckles.


Details coming soon.


Currently, it is unknown who Deerla's family are.


Currently, it is unknown who Deerla's friends are. It is likely she is friends with Harelow and Featherly.


Currently, it is unknown who Deerla likes, if anyone.


Currently, it is unknown if Deerla has a pet or not.


Deerla is a pixie so she has magical powers. She has healing powers.


Deerla wears knee length v-necked red, yellow and grey dress with black deer decoration and black ruffles as sleeves. She has blue belt and blue shoes.


Details coming soon.


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