Divacorn Card
Owner Briar Beauty
Species Unicorn

Divacorn is Briar Beauty's pet Unicorn which she received on her Legacy Year. Briar says Divacorn is very trendy.


Not much is known about Divacorn's personality, other than the fact that she is trendy.


In the books, Divacorn is a white unicorn with pink streaks in her mane.

In Divacorn's artwork, Divacorn is a light pink unicorn with a bright pink mane and tail. She has sliver briar vines and flowers twined into her mane and onto her ankles and a silver horn on her head. She has blue eyes.


Divacorn is a play on the words "Diva" and "Unicorn".


It is unknown if Divacorn has any friends who are pets, but it is known that Briar Beauty is her friend.



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