• Apple's side of the dorm
  • Raven's side of the dorm
  • A glimpse of Cupid and Blondie's dorm
  • Front of the O'Hair's dorm room
  • Back of the O'Hair's dorm room
  • Kitty's room.
  • Briar's part of the dorm
  • Cerise and Cedar's dorm
  • Madeline's side of the dorm
  • Dorm rooms outside at night.
  • Lizzie's side of the room.
  • Close-up of Blondie's Bed
  • Holly and Poppy's tower
  • The hallway in Apple's and Raven's room
  • Briar's side of her dorm
  • Part of Maddie's dorm
  • Kitty's side of her dorm
  • Ashlynn's side of her dorm
  • Night in Ashlynn and Briar's room
  • Lizzie's dorm in Spring Unsprung
  • Daring's side of his dorm
  • Apple ziplining from her dorm room
  • Gus and Helga talking from the dorm room windows.
  • BW Picture of Madeline's dorm room from a sketch book.
  • Hopper and Daring's Dorm
  • Justine Dancer's room
  • Justine Dancer's bedside
  • Ramona Badwolf's side of the room
  • Nina Thumbell's room inside the school structures

The Dorm Rooms of Ever After High are where the students sleep for the night and prepare for the next day of school. Headmaster Grimm made an unfair offer to the students who have the best destinies, for example, Apple White. Despite the fact that she has to dorm with Raven Queen, who has one of the worst fairytale endings in the school, the two share the biggest dorm room in the school. The Dorm Rooms are also complete with electricity, lighting, and air conditioner and switches. New students such as Poppy O'Hair and Holly O'Hair dorm in the tallest tower of Ever After High. Their dorm is complete with staircases, mirrors and it is tall enough for a fairytale rescue. The O'Hairs reside there because it is Holly's (secretly Poppy's) destiny to let her hair down in her fairytale.

Known Roommates


  • Despite knowing Apple White and Raven Queen's dorm room being the biggest in all of the school, the Headmaster mixes up various student lounges.
  • With Apple and Raven's dorm to be the biggest in the school, Poppy and Holly O'Hair's dorm seems to be a lot larger, despite the fact that it is located on the top of a large tower.
  • Blondie Lockes and C.A. Cupid's dorm room seems to be fairly small compared to the other dorm rooms. The walls are somewhat closer together.
  • On Humphrey Dumpty's dorm room door, he has a handmade sign that reads: DUMP-T STUDIOS
  • Apple ziplined from her dorm room in Apple's Princess Practice.
  • Sparrow Hood rooms in a tree house that he built in the Enchanted Forest.