Dragon Games
Dragon Games Logo Royal and Rebel
Released 29th January 2016
Chapter Dragon Games
Episode 2
Running Time 96 min
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Dragon Games is the first Special to air 2016. It was split into four parts like Way Too Wonderland.

The full length episodes are not be available for public viewing online, they are only be available on Netflix. But parts of the special have been released as small clips.


1. Shatter The Mirror. A student's self-doubt leads her to fall for a trick played by the imprisoned Evil Queen. Later, an old school sport is reinstated at Ever After High.

2. Hatch The Dragons. The Evil Queen takes advantage of Snow White's love of Dragon Sport in order to launch a wicked plan. Meanwhile, Snow White's secret weapon is lost.

3. Escape The Forest. After Raven flees the school and goes into hiding, The Evil Queen unleashes her fury on Ever After High. Apple White's destiny begins to unfold.

4. Battle The Queen. Prince Daring is called upon to fulfill his destiny. Raven and her friend unite their Dragon-Riding and Spell-Casting skills to battle The Evil Queen.



In their most epic adventure yet, the teenage sons and daughters of the most famous fairytales ever see the return of dragons to Ever After High and the return of the most amazing sport ever after, Dragon Games! But all is not fun and games when The Evil Queen joins in, especially because she has magically transformed herself to look like a student, Mira Shards.

In the adventure the students will meet the Forest Pixies, mystical protectors of the forest creatures.


Coming Soon



This Webisode will not been released for public online viewing.

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