Dragon Games:Meet The Pixies
Meet the Pixies - Ashlynn talking
Released 11th March 2016
Chapter Dragon Games
Episode 9
Running Time 1:21
Previous Dragon Games:Let The Games Begin
Next Epic Winter Trailer

Dragon Games:Meet The Pixies is the seventh clip in the Dragon Games episode selection.


The powerful princesses meet the woodland pixies, helpful friends that protect the enchanted forest. Can the pixies help the girls hide from the Evil Queen?


Raven Queen: This is no time to stop and smell the flowers Darling! I thought you knew a secret spot where we could hide?

Darling Charming: I don't, but she does.

Ashlynn Ella: A woodland pixie! How hexciting! How do you do? The pixies protect The Enchanted Forest, they're very magical.

Featherly: *tweets*

Ashlynn Ella: She says her name is Featherly.

Deerla: *chirps*

Ashlynn Ella: and that's Deerla.

Deerla: *chirps*

Ashlynn Ella: She knows you're hurt Darling.

Deerla: *chirps*

Ashlynn Ella: Deerla says that should heal you.

Darling Charming: Wow! Good as new!

Ashlynn Ella: And this is...

Harelow: *chitters*

Poppy O'Hair: We better move somewhere less out in the open.

Raven Queen: Yeah, please help us pixies, we need a place to hide from The Evil Queen.

Pixies: *chatter*



Meet the Pixies Dragon Games Ever After High01:22

Meet the Pixies Dragon Games Ever After High

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