Dragons are magical creatures that appear in the world of Ever After High.

Their scale, eye colors and powers very from one dragon to another.

In Dragon Games, we learn that normally, dragon eggs are placed into an active volcanoe by the mother so they can hatch. However, when they overheat the baby dragons turn into evil dragons, like Jinx.

It appears that their diet, even when little, is mostly composed by vegetables and fruit.

The last hatched dragons on Ever After High are the ones seen flying and playing in Dragon Games. Their mother is the last surviving dragon from the previous generation of students, Legend, The Dragon of Withering Heights.

Prior to her giving birth, Daring Charming, her caretaker, thought that the dragon was male.

Amongst Legend's babies, there are the seven ones that competed in Dragon Games, Jinx, Prince of Scales, Hero Wing, Deejay, Crumpets, Brushfire and Braebyrn.

The other known dragon in Ever After High is Nevermore, Raven Queen's pet.

Also, it's not the person who chooses the dragon, but the other way around, the dragon chooses the person with whom they are more in sync with.


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